Our heritage

Our heritage

Our decades of experience, your food brands. Together, they’re a winning combination 

Tate & Lyle has a proud heritage in food and industrial ingredients. It is renowned for its world leading brands and continuous drive to add value through innovation.

We are a key partner to the global food and beverage industry through our Single Ingredients and Food Systems activities. And although these may sound like modern industries, their roots go back to the 1870s and 1840s respectively.

Single Ingredients
Our Single Ingredients product portfolio focuses on nutritive and high intensity sweeteners, texturant starches and stabilisers, and includes nutritionally beneficial fibres to meet evolving dietary trends.
Tate & Lyle’s Ingredients business was built on the A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company and the Amylum Group: world-leading cereal starch and sweetener businesses acquired in the late 20th century.
Fundamental research in the’70s led to the development of sucralose, and investment to become the world’s number one in no-calorie sweeteners.

Food Systems
Our Food Systems ranges have been well known for decades. Their purpose is to stabilise, enhance and extend product functionality, and we are a fast and flexible provider of customised solutions.
We combine long experience in manufacturing processes with access to a broad knowledge of raw materials, and deep expertise in complex food systems. Our Food Systems business originates in expert companies G.C. Hahn & Co, Cesalpinia Food and Continental Custom Ingredients, who joined Tate & Lyle between 2005 and 2007. Together they now make up the leading global food systems business.

Tailor-made solutions, from new functional products to custom-made blends, are delivered using state-of the art processing equipment and controlled by the highest levels of quality management and manufacturing excellence.