Our wellness ingredients

Our dietary fibres

Our wellness ingredients help you make your products healthier 

Tate & Lyle’s wellness ingredients help boost the nutritional properties of a wide range of food products. So while consumers can continue to enjoy your great-tasting products, you’re also helping them control their salt, calorie and fibre intake.

We offer:

  • PROMITOR® and STA-LITE® Dietary Fibres. These fibres’ clean taste, stability, functional versatility and low cost-in-use make it easy to develop successful new wellness solutions. So now you can offer your consumers ’light’ or enriched versions of their favourite cereals, bars, biscuits, snacks and more.

    STA-LITE® Polydextrose –  the soluble fibre that’s ideal for sugar replacement and acts as a premium bulking agent.

    PROMITOR® Dietary Fibre – our new range offering multiple labelling options for foods with wide consumer appeal. 

  • PromOat® Beta Glucan, a unique soluble fibre ingredient made from oats. PromOat® gives your bakery and cereal products access to a range of health claims, including cholesterol-reduction claims.  
  • SODA-LO™ Salt Microspheres,  the salt reduction ingredient that tastes, labels and functions like real salt – because it is real salt. With SODA-LO™, you can meet consumer need for reduced sodium consumption without sacrificing taste.
  • prOATein® Oat Protein, a unique protein from oats. prOATein® is rich in essential amino acids and the ideal ingredient for protein enrichment of baked goods, cereals and snacks.
  • Sweetening solutions to rebalance the sugar and calorie counts of your baked goods and snacks, without compromising taste.

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