Our texturants

Our texturants

Our starches, stabilisers and fibres create and preserve your product’s texture 

No-one understands texture and mouthfeel, and their impact on the consumer taste experience, like Tate & Lyle.

We work with you to create exactly the right texturant solutions for your baked goods, cereals snacks and confections, drawing from a vast range of raw materials.

We offer:

  • Speciality cook-up and instant starches for structure, mouthfeel, crispiness, crunchiness, chewiness, shelf life and more 
  • Dietary fibres that deliver body, texture and sugar-like mouthfeel in cereal bar binders, coatings, sweets, seasonings, fillings and fruit preparations – all while keeping the sugar and calorie count down
  • Customised and unique stabiliser systems, for when your muffins, whipped creams or icings need more than off-the-shelf ingredients.

Learn more about our texturant offering for bakery, snacks and confectionery: